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This website was developed by the Colorado Springs area CBMC committee. The focus of this network of men is to reach out to business and professional men in our community, for the purpose of evangelizing and edifying them (E2). It is our common conviction that, as believers, we are legitimate ambassadors for Christ and that our vocation in the marketplace is our pulpit.

Over the years, we have assembled an extensive audio library of teachings designed to equip men to minister in the marketplace. Through this website you will be able to download these messages for no cost. You may search for a message by topic, speaker or title. You are free to distribute this material, but we ask that you do not charge anyone.

We encourage you to explore this site. If you decide to register with us, we will make you two promises. You will never be asked to give money, and you will never be asked to join anything. We just want to serve you wherever you are in your walk of faith. By registering, we can provide you with updates on new messages, seminars and information that may be of some assistance to you.